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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Prayer To Always Beloved and dear Husband / Family Heart Softeners

Prayer To Always Beloved and dear Husband / Family Heart Softeners

 | Every woman definitely want to be loved by her husband. You are also right? Besides striving to always appear beautiful birth in the front and a good attitude , some inner work you have to do , that with prayer .

What prayer should be read so that always loved and dear husband ? Read the letter al - Insyiroh or Nature Nasyroh . The trick is :
Read this letter each finished obligatory prayers
Pray when read to always dear husband
When finished reading, breathed into your palms and pat into our faces

Doa Agar Selalu Dicintai Dan Disayang Suami

Verse translation :

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious , Most Merciful .

1 : Have We not expanded your breast ( Muhammad ) ?

2 : We have already been down load from you .

3 : The damning burdens ,

4 : And We raise a reference ( name ) for you .

5 : There are indeed common pitfalls facility .

6 : Indeed, there are pitfalls along the facility.

7 : And when you have finished ( from a business ) , keep working hard
    ( of course another one ) .

8 : And to your Lord is your only hope .

In addition to the above purpose , Surat Al- Insyiroh has other Fadhilah , including:
Word of the Prophet " Whoever reads a letter Mother of articles as it came to me and I took advantage of it then becomes a space .
Environmental regular Whoever reads a letter of articles finished the obligatory prayers , Allah simplify its business and simplified its needs and facilitated the provision.
Who's reading this letter , He expands his breast and he was from the difficulties in all things. Removed all the attributes regret , tired and cause diligent in the discharge .
Whoever reads this letter 9 times after obligatory prayers , Allah will keep him with hardship, and facilitated the provision of all things.
Hopefully with the above prayer you ever dear and beloved husband , and your family be filled with sakinah family , mawaddah , wa mercy .

Indeed, thanks to the people and myself can not exceed the love of Allah and His Messenger. To earn the love of man and get a real happiness , we need to first find the love of God and His Messenger, to make what is ordered and leave all that is forbidden . As Allah says , which means:
Say (O Muhammad ) : 'If you ( really ) love Allah , follow me ( Muhammad SAW ) , Allah love you and forgive you your sins . " Allah is Forgiving , Merciful. ( Surah Ali - Imran 3:31 )
Here is a practice, God willing, with the consent of Allah Ta'ala :
Should read the following sentence , then blow on the brow our loved ones ( his or her ) . Pray and pray in the heart May Allah bestow His love for us and our loved ones with the blessing of the Quran is .

" And among men is he who worship other than Allah , they love as they love Allah . As for those who believe very very love of God. And if ever those who do wrong, find out when they see the Penalty on the Day of Judgment , that power belongs to God everything , and that Allah is severe in punishment (as they surely regret it ) . " ( Surah Al - Baqarah 2:165 )
Practice what they wished God willing may be the pleasure of the Almighty Allah , as Allah 's verses is a cure , truly the best antidote to the disease are verses of the holy Qur'an. Of course, also , the best healer is God.
In the book Al - ' Bir- Ruqaa Mean Ilaj the Bible Was - Sunnah , said Ali Bin Wahf essay , expressing the consensus of scholars to allow use verses of the Quran to medical , etc., but must be convinced that the verses of Al - used Quran does not give any effect to its own essence . Allah even impacting on something . Read the sentence in the cause of the many reasons that set by God .

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